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seventeen after 2007 oct of 5 :D
o5 1o 199o :X


#1 . my family :D
#2 . my besties :P
#3 . my little dog (:
#4 . those who always be there f0r me (:
#5 . myself (:


o1 . be with my baby forever (:
o2 . hold my baby hands tight (:
o3 . pass my N's level and get promoted to sec 5
o4 . bike & car liscense :D
o5 . working at mango (:
o6 . him * brandon feng :X
o7 . get my freed0m back (:
o8 . give everyone a g0od impressi0n (:
o9 . find times f0r my besties
1o . h0pe my besties will cherish me (:


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my friendster (: - liying.snow@hotmail.com :D


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Monday, October 29, 2007

hais . a bad day today .

our story ended . i gues he dun even bother abt me anymore .

well . im a bad gf indeed . i cant get to slp . im being making myself busy in the office to forget abt him . hais .

im jus a bitch la . i dun wanna write anymore le . in the train i msg him . he say those things . its really hurt . i jus cant stop crying . i hope no one saw it . fuck it la .

all the things i do for him is just rubbish to him . wake up and bake cake for him = bo liao , wait for him after work = stupid , apply lotion for him = wastee of his time bye dinner aft my work = nothing better to do . and lots more . i guess im doin shit all this while . am i right? hmms .
buyong and others ask me choose leangwen that time . but i choose him cos i know his nice . i guess all this im doin smth waste of his time . i know his nice too . hmms . im just a bitch la .

im not pretty enough ba . go know more pretty and nice girls ard you . hmms ., i guess he dun even come and see my blog anymore .

i wanna leave here ~

my phone has been ringing since mornin . but not one frm him . i guess he simply forget me . well . i try to stop thinkin but whenever i think of him and those times tgt my heart hurts . wat i done wrong and god have to punish me .

well . im back to my single life . i dun wan hab a shit anymore . deleting my friendster that time was also a stupid thing i done cos he dun even bother and thinkin im doin rubbish .

jus forget abt it . i hope times will make us be the past and forget everything . and back to my life again .

i just need more love and concern is that difficult? erm . maybe he dun even care , he got to have lots of pretty girls ard him . im jus an extra one . im gonna be strong and grow up and face the realilty .

thanks steven being there for me . thanks alot (:

and u alway m y best frends (:

Saturday, October 27, 2007

jus came back frm funeral at yishun (:
well , now is 1.58am already le . im kinda feel upset for the ah pek . he is a nice granduncle wor (: but he jus pass away las sunday ): tmr is he las day le . hmms . hais .

* ah pek (: i wish bon vogage (: all the best . hope you will go up to the heaven (:

alright le la . dont wanna talk about this anymore le . hmms . was kinda busy this whole week .
maybe because of my work . was working at hitachi customer service . i thought customer service was kinda simple cos i heard frm my friends but actually at hitachi , its wasnt simple as what you think yeah (:
well . but still , i enjoy myself . let me tell you more about my collegues . they were kind , helpful , friendly and fun (:
althought morning was the most busy period . due to too many customer complaints like :" my washing machice is spoil and i wanna send a technician down to repair . " all this la . so we have to arrange and check the shedule la . hahas . was kinda a good experience la . and then . hmms . the company was kinda fun la . and i got three senior there . one is my mummy(clara) , another one is iwee (: and last but not least is tracy (: 3 pretty ladies . they were fun yeah (: hhehes . hmms . they taught me lots of things . clara was takin me cos shes the supervisor there . she work at hitachi for 6 years le . hmms .
then first day of work was kinda scary la . have to learn all their system over there (:
then i know got another new girl was there too . then we both was under training yeah (:
hmms . then friday i was at the counter there . because mummy on mc ma . hope shes well now yeah . hmms . so i took her table . then i have to pick up calls . hmms . was scary yeah (: but was gald to have my two other senior there to teach me (:
then we only have half an hr for lunch yeah . but alright la . then they only ask the another new girl to do data entry nia . she have one hr break for lunch ): so sad . hmms .
iwee says i more better hahas (: thannks yeahs (: hmms . so i was all the way at the counter .
have overloading work to do ., but alright la . stil can do finish . hmms . nice (:

end here liao (:

Saturday, October 20, 2007

well . today arhs . wake up quite cos today is meetin my baby wor (:


went all the way to boon lay to find him . kinda bored la .hahas but think of baby ok liao.
then call baby for diretion .

kinda tired today la . but was totally sweet today nsarhs .


wen tup to baby hse for 15 mins . wait for him to bath hao then we go out lor (:

i dun liek his hse la seriously but no choice . hahs
i love baby (: boos .
then baby arh hahas . hmms . we went to imm . very long nv go there liao . kinda big yeah . then walk hand hand in hand . but before we go imm we eat our lunch tgt lehs . nice and sweet worh . hahs . baby i promise i wil lfaster work then we get our dogs ok ? hhas . then reach le imm baby starts to bully me again . he doesnt liek me to wear low cuts . hahs . stupid hinm . hah
ok la . at least i know he protcets me wor . hahs
then hur . hmms . we went to walk walk ard . i bought the suduko which baby teach me hwo to play de . hahs . nice . stupid . when we get out of the popular . got the sensor sounds . guess wat . that stupid cashier nv scan the another barcode of the item i bouhgt . idiot . makes us so paisehs u know ma? hahs but nbm la . hahs
boos hinm .
hao la . then we went walk ard then we also got go daiso and giant . barley water yeah (: maucks .

baby arhs very naughty la . ahhs . you hur . hahs , then we eat subway for dinner wor . hahs . nice wor . ahhs

baby arh . hhas . then we go another shoppin centre at jurong (: hahs . duhs (: hahss then we go see pple ice skatin , funn wor then go hm le , i love baby wor (:

nv let u go so easily wor (:

Thursday, October 18, 2007

well well .

today my side raining (: i woke up early in the morning i saw baby messages . he had a nightmare wonder he is alright now not? baby arhs ! i really love you (:

ok la . was slacking at home all the while till 3 plus went to prepare to meet my beloved baby !
im so happy to meet baby (:

as usual meet him at little india but this time i wait for him at the platform . cos we goin lido to watch movie (: he use to work there la so got free tics (: good right (:

then while waiting we go eat our dinner (:
long john silver la ! hhas
i share with baby ! i like my baby feeding me (: makes me so xing fu nehs (:
baby will tell me this : " becareful arhs ! hot ar hot ar ! " isnt he cute and sweet nehs? i jus love the way he is la !

i love him lots ! im happy to see baby everyday (: but im worried whenever he is tired ! today i bring lotion to help baby apply on his fingers . you all know wat ! his skin is dry . so need moisture(: i love his hands (: warm and secure !

baby arhs . promise me not to tired urself yeah (:
and i took pics with baby ! i cant put pics inside com so no choice cannot upload ! nbm sat take more with baby on his hp(: so he can upload then i go take (: muack s. i miss him you know?

baby arhs . the show is nice yeha ! funny .

then we went hm le lor (:

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

boos (;

my nose got scar ! becos of my past few days flu ! but now ok liao (:

cute right ?